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Right now, we are aware that there is a tremendous number of blog sites on the internet. This leaves new bloggers with slimmer chances of getting an edge. However, with the right tools, it gives all site owners equal chances of succeeding despite the saturation of a particular niche.

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Regarding that, the share button widget is the perfect example of a tool that you can use. It is simple yet very effective in making your content attract audiences or even go viral. You’ll just need to copy the codes on the web pages that you want it to show up. With just a click of a button, you’ll be able to share your posts on different social media sites.

The Types

Talking about the share button widget, there are lots of options available for you. It is either you target a single social media site or utilize the full potential of it by sharing it on all social media sites.

If you will notice, share button widgets have different designs and use. There are share button widgets that are specially made for Facebook while others are for Twitter.

Also, the design of the widget is very important. This is the reason why you will see widgets of different varieties in terms of style.

How do share button widgets look like?

If you are now convinced that you must put a share button widget on your blog, you’ll need to know how it looks like. Depending on the design of your blog site, you must choose the right color that will make it look natural once you already integrated it. 

If your blog site has a white background, might as well choose a share button widget that is enclosed in a white box. This will make your site more SEO-friendly and will also increase the chances of people clicking the share button. 

Of course, they come in codes in which you have to embed on your web page. It is actually a definite advantage for you if you have the basic knowledge of HTML coding, you can actually tweak the code to your personal preferences for better click rates.

Key Takeaway

Share button widgets are usually free. You can get them for free with already full features making you maximize the entire potential of it. So, the next time you create a blog, be sure to have this handy on every post. It is a great SEO tool that you can use to increase the traffic on your site by having more views.


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