Are traffic generators worth it?

Since the start of modern internet marketing, traffic generators became popular. They provide traffic to a site in the easiest way possible. Some use this to boost their site statistics, particularly their views. While others use traffic generators to increase their earnings on advertisements however it is not ethical to do so.

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It is working before as a blackhat strategy in marketing but right now advertising websites are pretty smart already. They know which is organic traffic from not.

Are they useless now?

Traffic generators today are less powerful than they were before. They are still in the form of websites and applications.

Although their influence in internet marketing has reduced significantly, they can still help. However, be sure not to overdo them as they can surely hurt your SEO rankings.

Google can detect fake traffic from not. It will surely lessen your chances of getting into the first page of Google.

However, if you will just be disciplined in using it, it can help. You can build a healthy interaction on your website making it active. It will give the impression that you are active with your website.


Traffic generators can be considered as a hack to reach desirable views faster. However, this was abused by many which paved way for search engine companies to detect fake traffic.

Although, there are still traffic generator sites and apps available today, it’s used significantly declined throughout the years. People have realized that organic traffic is always much better than anything else.

The main point is there are other marketing strategies and tools that you can use without cheating. White hat strategies will always overpower black hats. So it is better to do everything morally rather than using shortcuts.

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