Best SEO Tips and Tricks 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a big part of every internet marketer’s campaign. The process of getting organic traffic is usually very tedious and will take time. However, there are tricks that you can use to make your task easier. They are proven to work well regardless of what niche you have.

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In this article, we will have a rundown of those tricks that I am talking about. On top of that, I will also give you some tips to improve your SEO score more.

Let us not delay the learning curve anymore by starting with the first one.

#1 Include Meta Description on your Blog Posts

Many tend to overlook the power of meta description in making your posts to be highly-visible in Google. This meta description gives an overview of what you will tackle in your blog posts.

Load this portion with keywords and you will surely have great chances of being on top. If not so, you can be on the first page of the search results in no time.

#2 Know What’s Trending

Keywords are not enough if you will not make contents that are on demand. They are the trending topics that are circulating on the internet. Always make contents that revolve around trending topics.

This will increase your chances of getting noticed by the algorithm of Google. As a result, you’ll see traffic flowing into your site in no time.

#3 Catchy Title

Some of us would just write our blogs for the sake of finishing it. We tend to underestimate the title. As a result, we just formulate passive titles. By doing so, readers will get bored even before they start reading your article.

#4 SEO Tools

It is not new for internet marketers to use tools in making their job easier. However, some of the tools that are handy for them are too complicated to use. This breaks the purpose of SEO tools.

So when choosing SEO tools, be sure that it is efficient and optimized. The features must be straightforward and loading times must be fast.

Right now when technology is superbly advanced, tools are already loaded with all-in-one features. You do not have to look somewhere else, if you need a specific feature you can access it immediately.


SEO has been part of every internet campaign. It can be very frustrating especially if you are not seeing great results. So it would be great if you’ll try to step up your game by using the tips and tricks that we’ve discussed a while ago.

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