BlackHat SEO vs WhiteHat SEO

Many were asking how they can be a good SEO specialist. Well, it takes time for a person to be one but any person can be an SEO specialist. It does not matter what field you are working on right now. As long as you know how to use a computer, you’ll surely qualify.

blackhat vs whitehat

In SEO, it is either you’ll be the good or bad guy. Different SEO techniques are just waiting for you to utilize. It is just up to you how you will use it. The bottom line is either of the two will work as long as you perform them right.

However, there is a big question on which is more effective. There is a trend before wherein more marketers used blackhat methodologies in search engine optimization. This is because of the quick and promising results that it gives. So people think that it is close to an overnight success.

What is BlackHat SEO?

It is the way wherein people use the same methodologies in doing SEO but want to get good results as quickly as possible. As they continue to pursue the process of blackhat, some things are compromised. Most of the time, those techniques are flagged down because the way that marketers promote their brand is sketchy.

The success rate is somehow high but imposes a lot of risks. The risks can be a simple suspension of your accounts or the worst-case scenario is you can be sued. This is because blackhat techniques are often shady and use unauthorized resources. As a result, you can quickly create SEO-optimized content and earn from it the soonest time possible.

WhiteHat SEO

After knowing what blackhat SEO looks like, whitehat SEO is the complete opposite of it. This kind of marketing focuses on the proper methodologies in promoting content. It is often time-consuming but mostly applicable for the long term. Also, it takes time to learn as there are no shortcuts in doing them.

For example, a blackhat SEO technique will only need to use apps to generate traffic while whitehat SEO goes for organic traffic. They have the same goals but their ways of doing the task are completely different. Although whitehat SEO also has tools to use, it is mostly for analysis and automation without any sketchy methodologies.

The Bottomline 

Having said so, there is no contest that whitehat SEO techniques are way better than its counterpart. You can surely learn a lot of things from whitehat SEO as you will know how things work in SEO from top to bottom.

Although there are still a huge number of people who are using blackhat techniques, the number declined significantly. They are switching to whitehat or greyhat SEO. Before they are completely considered as whitehat marketers, they tend to combine some blackhat and whitehat SEO techniques altogether. This makes them greyhat marketers which eventually help them in fully transitioning to whitehat.


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