Do press releases help SEO

Do press releases help SEO?

do press releases help SEO

Press releases are used to establish communication between the media and public relations. Today in the cyberworld, it is a great practice to get the eye of journalists if you want to promote your brand. This is why it became a trend for site owners to get their brand or story mentioned by the press. Most especially, if you have an event then press releases are surely the best thing to have.

However, the saturation of this methodology makes some site owners step back in its implementation. But the thing is, press releases still help your SEO in many ways and will not go out of style.

Here are some of the best things that it can do for your SEO campaign:

  • To drive new and organic traffic on your site
  • People will be more aware of your brand
  • You can get a significant amount of backlinks

However, having exposure to the press can be a bit challenging of a task. But do not worry as it is very achievable.

Here are some tips that will help you in getting the attention of various press:

  • Be sure to have your content created using the third person
  • It must be short and concise
  • Put some valuable media
  • Be straight to the point

By having those tips in mind, you’ll surely have a better execution on your postings leading to major press releases. As a result, you’ll get the exposure that you are looking for to drive traffic to your site. Regarding that, Matterhorn PR is here if you need some help. Our services which are proven inside and outside Calgary have the best tools and practices to get a press release for your site.


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