Does using link shortening services bad for SEO

When we are putting bare links on our posts, some of us are using link shortening services.  This is because it minimizes character count and also makes the post look cleaner.

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From the word itself, link shorteners generate links that are more brief and encrypted.  It cuts the link length to a guaranteed 50 percent of its old length.

The great thing about them is that if you have an internet campaign, they tend to generate more clicks. Also, some link shortening websites offer earning potentials.

Every time a user clicks on your shortened link, you’ll earn some pennies with it. The more clicks, the more pennies you will earn.

The link shortening company earns from the advertisements placed while redirecting users to your site. However, some SEO experts say that this tool becomes an issue.

Why it is bad for your SEO ranking?

Whenever you have a full link, web crawlers can easily comprehend what links are all about. This is the complete opposite if you are using shortened links.

When the links are shortened, the crawlers can’t guess what they are all about. It is much better if you will just cloak a text with the full link rather than getting your link shortened.

In this way, your link will still be readable and indexing will be easy. Backlinks will be sent accordingly and you’ll have a good SEO standing.


There is nothing wrong with shortening your links. However, you must know its purpose. They can be used for sending links to a specific person especially if you want privacy.

You can also use it for descriptions in tubing sites and social media platforms where SEO standing is not at stake. Regardless if you are using URL shorteners that will make you earn money or not, anything that is in excess is not good.

Just the same with link shorteners, if it is used excessively, social media sites might even flag it as spam. So be sure that you just use it moderately.



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