How important are keywords?

When it comes to the topic of Search Engine Organization a.k.a. SEO, keywords are a big deal. They make a big percentage of your SEO score. Once you get a grasp of what keywords to use and their frequency, you are on the right track.

keywords for seo

Although keywords are very tricky to learn at first, do not lose hope. Once you put your time and effort into learning, nothing is impossible. You’ll not have a hard time because there is the internet that can act as a guide.

In your pursuit to learn the fundamentals of keywords, you’ll discover that there are tools that can help you. Those tools that are specifically made for SEO will make things easier for every aspiring marketer in promoting their brand.

The Onset of Paid Ads

After Google has implemented ads on their search engine, everything has changed. Since those ads usually appear on the uppermost portion of the first page, people had the misconception that keywords are useless anymore.

This is because you just need to pay a certain amount to put your website URL and get traffic from it. However, as time is passing by, its effect on SEO is proven to be very minimal. Google users still tend to click the links that are not ad-induced.

So, it only entails that organic SEO strategies are not still showing any signs of slowing down. It is still the main building block of getting a better SEO ranking on any search engine.

Keyword Analysis

When it comes to getting an excellent rating on keywords, you’ll need to perform an analysis. It is composed of keywords to use, keyword count, and its placing. It might sound very complicated to some but once you get the concept of it, everything will be easy.

You’ll not need to do it manually because there are tools that you can use to achieve it. One great tool is the keyword analysis from Google. The design on its GUI is pretty basic and does not contain any complex features.

You’ll get all the given metrics that are required to help you create quality content. Aside from Google, there are also other alternatives that you can use. Right now, there are more than dozens of keyword analysis tools that are offered and they are mostly free.

The Logic of Keywords

For every niche and specific topic that you will write, it will revolve around keywords. Without keywords, your article will just be another piece of data on the internet that people are not aware of.

Usually, in an article, there are different parts. It is composed of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of those parts has a desirable number of keywords to use assuming that you already have the keywords.

For the introduction, it is advisable to use one main keyword and if possible add up another sub-keyword which is a total of two. In the body of the article, the number of keywords depends upon the word count. Mostly, for an average article, you can expect up to 5 keywords which are composed of main and supporting keywords.

Also, the conclusion must have a fair share of keywords of up to 2 keywords. This will make the article loaded with the right number of keywords. As a result, there will be higher chances that Google and other search engine sites will find your site.


Keywords have been a significant part of every SEO campaign. They are the determinant of whether your content will be a big hit or not. So it is important not to take them for granted. You’ll be able to get more audiences once you mastered the use of keywords.         

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