How to find good authority sites

At one point in time, you might read or hear the word authority site. They might sound intimidating but it is the complete opposite.

Authority sites are very easy to spot if you know the factors that comprise them. It would benefit you a lot especially if you own a blog. They are a great medium to help you promote your brand.

high authority sites

But the question is, how do you find them? Is searching solely on Google the only way to do that? The answer is NO.

There are lots of ways to ensure that the site is the leading one in its niche. You must familiarize them to ensure that you are not wasting your time in submitting guest posts.

In this article, let us have a quick rundown of the ways in finding good authority sites.

#1 Do Keyword Research First

Keyword search volume is important to know what people are searching for nowadays. Once you get a grasp of them, it would be easy to determine your target sites. The combination of high keyword search and traffic on a particular site makes it a desirable target.

They can be considered as an authority site on their respective niche. You should focus on them rather than wasting your time on low-quality sites. When you are building your brand as a startup, always remember that quality is always better than quantity.

#2 Know The Site’s Ranking

If you are already old enough in the field of internet marketing, you might hear about Alexa. It was founded in 1996 as an internet company and is now partly owned by Amazon. This site started it all when it comes to website analysis.

As you can observe on the websites in the past decades, you’ll see an Alexa badge. It indicates the current ranking of the website on cyberspace. Right now, you can seldom find its logo being placed on websites but it does not mean it is useless anymore.

The company just shifted its operations and added more products to its brand. You can easily compare websites more quickly than usual giving you all the options in your link-building strategy.

#3 Check The First and Second Page of Google Search Results

You have done your homework and you have searched the traffic analysis of your target sites. It is now time to execute the plan.

Try to input the high-volume keywords and check if your target site will show up on the first up to the second page of Google search. It is much better to check on other search engines too. This will allow you to cross-check the site.


Authority sites are a big help when it comes to building your brand. They are the stepping stones that you can make use of to get high-quality backlinks. With proper research, your internet marketing strategy will be on full blast. You can expect that you’ll have a good flow of traffic on your site eventually, once you are consistent in executing these steps.


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