How to write compelling blog posts

Writing blog posts can be an enjoyable task but sometimes stressful. It is in the content that can tell if the blog will be SEO-friendly or not. As a content creator, you shall be able to determine the factors that will make your blogs more appealing.

writing blog posts

There are different ways to do to create compelling posts. In this article, we will discuss them one by one here.

#1 Write in an engaging manner

Engaging posts can do a lot of good things to your website traffic. You must put into your mind that you are talking to your friend. Never aim to be too formal as long as required.

Your target audience must feel that they can have a conversation with you. So, the bottom line is involving them on the topic which can be done by asking questions. It will make your audience participate in their minds.

#2 Include great photos

When it comes to SEO, photos are also important. It can make your website visible to search engines too. By adding high-definition photos, the chances of getting noticed by Google are high.

Also, be sure that the photos that you will be adding are related to your posting. Be aware of the sources of the photos too as you do not want any copyright strikes. You can get free stock photos on various sites such as Pixabay and Pexels.

#3 Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

There is no doubt that grammar and spelling mistakes usually ruin everything on the content. So before writing plan everything and while writing, be sure to be observant of details. Know the grammar rules and spell words properly.

Since SEO is keyword-oriented, the use of the right words is a must. One wrongly-spelled word can mean a lot to your SEO scores.

So after writing, it is better that you check your postings first before clicking the publish button. This will minimize or prevent errors from happening.


These 3 main points that we have discussed are basic yet very effective in making compelling content. You should be able to write articles that are worthwhile to read and expand your audience base. You might not know the next day, your blog might go viral which can help you make a living out of it.


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