Paid vs Free SEO Tools

When it comes to SEO tools it’s either you go for the free apps or the paid ones. Newbie internet marketers are still in despair about what to choose.

Although there are different free SEO tools out there scattered over the internet, people are still dubious about them. There is no doubt that they are very useful.

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However, if you still do not have an idea of what to choose, then we will try to elaborate on it in this article.

Free Apps

Since there are lots of free apps for SEO all over the internet, new internet marketers have been given a chance to explore. They have great use in putting your brand into good standing in search engines.

If this will be combined with experience, no doubt that free apps can also rock. However, as we can observe, free SEO tools are often limited.

It is either some of the features are locked or there is a particular number of times you could only use the app.  It only entails that there is uncertainty when it comes to using them.

On the other hand, you can have a decent app to use without spending anything. It is just you have to understand that free stuff won’t be able to give you all the satisfaction.

Paid Apps

It does not mean that an app is a premium one, it is already the holy grail. You must consider several factors to know if it is the real deal.

As much as possible, you must only avail the ones from a trusted brand. This will ensure that you’ll get excellent support in case something goes wrong.

Also, you have to take note that premium apps do have complete features. You will be able to make use of it for your projects to become successful.


Before we wrap up, it is safe to say that paid apps will always overpower their counterparts. They are complete in terms of features and the support is there that are very important factors to consider.

Having said so, it will still come down to the size of the project. The bigger your project and brand is will make you search for a more reliable tool to use especially for SEO purposes.

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