Spun Article Checkers for Better SEO Rankings

Whenever we are writing our articles, it is a standard operating procedure to research first. In our research, we get the ideas that will help us in creating our content. But the problem is some content creators want to make shortcuts by using spun articles.

spun article checkers

Although we have different styles of writing, there is still a chance of having identical thoughts with other articles. This mostly happens for busy writers as they tend to speed up the process by using spinning software. Even though you are not using those kinds of apps, it is still best to double-check.

Since there are still chances of getting a small percentage of having spun-like articles, you do not want to compromise every article that you have written. This is because you are putting time and effort into creating content. That’s why it would be really foolish to waste those efforts.

What are spun article checkers for?

They are usually in the form of web applications that can help judge if the article is spun or not. Spun sentences depict that a certain amount of sentences have a similar thought with already published articles.

Even though it is not necessary to copy the exact wordings of an article to be considered as plagiarized, having the exact sequence and thought can be considered as a spun. Yes, it might pass several plagiarism checks but it can truly hurt your SEO rankings and possibly be flagged down by its rightful owners.

Once an article undergoes a spun check, there are also other benefits. Spun checkers usually flag down words that do not sound right. It only entails that you’ll have an idea of what words you shall replace. They do not only sound right but flags for a possible spun content.


Spun articles are almost the same as plagiarized articles. They have the same weight when it comes to SEO guidelines. A spun article will always have no room for the top pages of Google, so it is important to take time in checking your content before posting them.

This will ensure that you will maximize the most out of your content, driving more traffic to your website. Regarding that, SpinMeNot.io is the best example of a spun checker site. It is a web application that allows you to check a certain article if it is spun or not. You just need to paste it on the textbox at the center of the webpage and click the button to start the checking.


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