The Art of Building Links

Link building on the internet has gone a long way. It improved a lot in terms of methodologies and tools. From the good old way of posting to the different sites with your links to the use of indexers, the basic concept is still there.

Art of Linkbuilding

Right now, you can post on more sites compared to the ones before. There are a variety of social media sites that help you target a wide array of audiences real quick. It will help you build your brand in the soonest possible time possible.

Moreover, the internet marketers right now usually use the following social media sites for their campaigns:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Those are the most popular social media platforms right now. On top of that, there are less popular social media sites that are also likely to affect your SEO rankings positively. So, those sites must not be taken for granted as well.

Manual Linkbuilding Benefits

Even though there are tools right now that will help you out in building links easily and quickly, manual link building still does wonders.

There are several benefits that you can think of when we are talking about manual link building. We will try to have a quick rundown of them.

  • Avoid spam: Unlike automated methods, manually promoting links can spare you from redoing the work that you have done. Since once a post was flagged it might be removed or worst get your account restricted or even banned on that social media site.
  • Targeting the proper niche: Humans have better decisions when it comes to things. Just like in link building, you know the pages where you should appropriately post your links. This will result in more efficiency regarding your postings for better traffic.
  • You have more control over your postings: Since you have the full knowledge of what your campaign is all about, you know your restrictions. You do not want to post on places that can ruin the reputation of your brand.

The Onset of Automation

There is no doubt that automation has done a lot of great things for internet marketing particularly for SEO. However, there are some concerns about it which is fairly normal. To give you an idea of its benefits, we will have a brief discussion of them.

  • They cut down the time needed to finish your link-building task: The next thing that you need to do once you have this tool is to type in your URL on the textbox of the application. They are mostly web applications that can run through your browsers.
  • Easy to use: You do not need to learn any rocket science to be familiar with using indexers. It is just a simple copy and paste, then a lick of a button. So this is perfect especially.

Aside from the two given benefits, you can also add up the capability of this tool to increase your audience base which is common for manual link building as well. When it comes to automated link building, it is either you build a significant number of links or lose it all in a second.

How did we say so?

Since link-building tools send out backlinks of your URL, they just send it randomly. They cannot determine whether it is appropriate to post on that particular site. It only entails that there is some sort of a risk in using link builders. Although it is risky, the rewards are high if you luckily hit the jackpot.

A good example of an efficient link-building tool is, it can send thousands of backlinks in a single session. However, it is expected that some of the backlinks sent will be irrelevant to your niche. Once you do not overdo the use of this app, you’ll go no wrong with it.


Building links can be a daunting task but with the innovations, it became easier than ever. You just need to play your card right. On top of that, you shall not forget the amazing uses of manual link building as it allows you to have better control of your marketing campaigns at all times.


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