The Best Free Anti-Plagiarism Tools

There is no doubt that SEO is all about originality. If your content is copied then don’t expect that your webpage will have a high rank in Google. So, anti-plagiarism tools will come in handy in those situations.

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Moreover, as much as possible you must write your content from scratch. It is not prohibited to use other websites to research but be sure you do not copy them identically.

Getting the thought and writing from scratch is the most applicable method to do. However, there are times that content writers unintentionally copy the exact words in others’ articles.

This is pretty normal but still can hurt your SEO rankings. Even those instances are very common in blogs, you surely can’t escape the penalties that search engines can impose.

How do you avoid it from happening?

There are different ways for you to avoid plagiarism and the best thing to do is to check. Before you even consider posting your content, be sure that it is 100 percent plagiarism-free.

To do that, you will need to use a tool to check the plagiarism levels. They are called anti-plagiarism tools. They are web applications meaning you can directly use them on their website.

How do anti-plagiarism checkers work?

The concept is pretty simple. You just need to paste your content on the text box of their site. There is a button that you need to click to start the analysis.

The button name varies on every website as well as the Graphical User Interface (GUI) but the concept is the same. They are all there to check your content if there are duplicates all over the web.

The List

Let us now enumerate the different plagiarism checkers that you can use. They are tried and tested to provide high accuracy to help you out.

Using them can help you rephrase the sentences that are plagiarized. After you have edited them, it will give you a plagiarism-free blog post that you are wishing for.


Despite that it is not a totally free app, its plagiarism-checker (free version) seems to be working fine. Even though there is no percentage of how much plagiarism you commit, you’ll know if plagiarism is present.

Also, it has several checks that are not plagiarism-related. They also check your content if it is free from errors such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

This is a completely free plagiarism checker. It checks the article by lines and you can see the specific lines where there is plagiarism.

In this manner, you can easily find the lines that need revision. However, the maximum limit per analysis is only up to 1000 words.

Its Russian counterpart has shown significant help in detecting plagiarism on articles. This site is completely free for use and has a maximum limit in terms of words.

It meticulously searches for plagiarism within the article. However, you have to be ready for waiting a little bit longer because a lot of users are utilizing this site for their blogs.

There is a queue that you have to wait if it is your turn to get your article checked. It is worth the wait though because of the high-quality service that you’ll get from them and everything is free.


There are different ways for you to prevent plagiarism in your blog posts. However, the best thing to do is to check your article before posting and the different plagiarism checkers will help you with that.

There is no doubt that premium plagiarism checkers provide high-quality checks. But do not underestimate the capabilities of the free ones too. They are proven effective despite that they are not charging you for their services.


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