What practices can hurt your SEO ranking

Most internet marketers would want to get to the first page of the search rankings fast. However, a lot of best SEO practices are overlooked. Not only that, they violate most of the rules. In this article, we will unveil those practices that are bad for SEO.

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This will help you prevent those kinds of a situation from happening. Let us start this article by starting with the first one.

Plagiarized Content

It does not matter whether you are producing articles, videos, or even podcasts. Plagiarized content will never do well.

Even though the internet contains billions of web pages, catching plagiarisms will still be easy. With the dozens of AIs available, search engines can spot the real from the not.

Well, one bad effect is being not considered on the top pages of the search engines. Aside from that, original owners of the content you plagiarized might sue you for stealing their content.

So it is important, that you only make original content on your sites. If you need ideas, you can have some by doing research. However, you must craft original content out of someone’s idea to avoid plagiarism.

Overused Keywords

Using the right keywords is the key to success when it comes to SEO. You have to do the right research and integrate the keywords into your content.

However, overdoing so will result in a score drop in SEO. So you must follow the right number of keywords for each post that you make.

This will make search engines particularly Google notice your site. Just continue the pace and you’ll reach places.


There are times that we feel lazy to post new content. This actual behavior can hurt your site’s ranking.

So it is important to set a schedule on when you should post on your site. Being consistent increases your online presence. It only means that you are active and can provide a lot of possible great content.


The best SEO practices are always the best thing to have in your internet marketing campaign. However, the opposite of it is the one that you should avoid.

By knowing them, you are one step closer to your goal. Just pair it up with the best SEO tools and you are on the right track.

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